About Us

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SixBikini is based in Pordenone, a town famous for its wines and an hour drive away from Venice.

It's our mission to redefine luxury beauty by creating amazing products that truly shine under the sun. Dedicated to novelty and creativity, we imagine, develop, test, and manufacture all under one roof. We pride ourselves on being cruelty-free and keeping our customers at the centre of our world.

Why SixBikini?

  • All SixBikinis are made in Italy using only premium quality materials and fabrics.
  • SixBikinis are Unique! All our bikini are designed and made entirely by us.
  • SixBikini are designed to be fashionable,comfortable and beautiful.
  • With SixBikini you protect the environment. All our products are made not only meeting European Environmental regulations but exceeding them.